Rotary slitting is simply a process of cutting the ferrous metals, non ferrous, some non-metals like fiber and paper, and with variety of rolled or applied finishes. It can also be applied to a variety of gauges and widths encompassing material as thick as plate as thin as foil. In here, rotary slitting is for slitting aluminum/ blister rolls and etc.
It is Fundamental that rotary slitting process is performed by passing material between circular knives mounted on a par of parallel arbors. When it comes to rotary slitting, there are few things to keep in mind.

Disregarding chemistry, temper and thickness, over which the slitter has no control, the quality of the slit strand is defined by the following characteristics:

  1. Width Accuracy
  2. Edge Characteristics
  3. Flatness
  4. Camber
  5. Surface Finish

The factors controlling quality include such details as: the equipment arrangement. Its rigidity and precision, the tooling set-up, tooling and machine maintenance, line operating characteristics {Acceleration, Deceleration, Speed Adjustment/Speed Control, Tension Control}

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